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Chubb Tree Care : Welcome
Chubb Tree Care : How big do trees grow

We can find out if your tree has a TPO placed on it by getting in touch with the relevant local authority prior to any work being carried out by Chubb Tree Care. We can also provide advice on appealing against TPO's should you require.

Chubb Tree Care : Insured

Chubb Tree Care is insured for all aspects of our work third party liability insurance.

Chubb Tree Care : Fully Qualified .

All personnel employed by Chubb Tree Care hold nationally recognised qualifications.

Chubb Tree Care : Remove all Debris

We will remove all debris and by products related to our work from the site unless you have made any other prior arrangements with us to keep the wood or chippings.

Chubb Tree Care : Travel

Chubb Tree Care will travel up to approximately a 30 mile radius from the Bournemouth & Poole area.

Chubb Tree Care : Keep Wood

We can leave you with all of the wood, or as much as you require, in manageable sized pieces or remove everything as required.

Chubb Tree Care : Confined Spaces

We have the equipment to access all jobs even in tight spaces or confined areas. Our smallest stump cutter which will go through a normal sized pedestrian gate. If your job is at height or hard to access we have full roping equipment and can bring in high lift equipment where roping is not practical.

Chubb Tree Care : How Long does it take

When we come to give you an assessment and quote for the job we will let you know a accurate length of time that we will need to complete the job.

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