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Chubb Tree Care : Welcome
We have over 37 years experience as aborists and can provide any othe following services below, please do not hesitate to contact us for further information or a quote.

Chubb Tree Care : Stump Cutting
Stump Cutting is the removal of the remaining portion of the trunk left after complete felling of a tree.

Stumps can be machined down to approximately 10-12 inches below ground level and therefore allows subsequent planting, a building to be constructed or fence erected with no visible signs of the stump.

Chubb Tree Care has two machines that are both capable of manoeuvring through a standard passage way, down to 20 inches wide, at the side of a house to reach rear gardens, we can also get the stumper up and down mulit level gardens.

Chubb Tree Care : Crown Reduction

A Crown Reduction is essentialiy a severe form of pruning and may be done to balance a misshapen tree following storm damage or bad pruning by less experienced arborists.

If at all possible a crown reduction is the last resort as it causes significant stress to the tree and can cause infection to spread inside the cut branches due to the nature of the cuts performed.

Chubb Tree Care : Crown Lift

Crown Lifts are used to increase the clearance between the ground level and the lower branches, either to allow access below the tree, clearing sight lines or allowing more light to penetrate to the ground level.

This type of pruning does far less damage to the tree, as happens in a reduction and is therefore best carried out gradually over a period of years with larger branches being removed first allowing smaller branches to shade the trunk, avoiding scorching.

Chubb Tree Care : Crown Thinning
Crown Thinning is a process carried out to allow more light through the crown without altering the overall shape and size of the tree.

Any crossing or rubbing branches are removed together with diseased or rotting wood, finally the tree is then pruned to reduce the density of the crown whilst retaining a natural shape.

This is primarily used on hardwood trees and to avoid any unnecessary stress and prevent excessive production of epicormic shoots, no more than a quarter of the living crown should be removed at any one time. If more is required to be removed it should be done over successive years.

Chubb Tree Care : Tree Removal

The complete removal of a tree and would usually be followed by stump cutting as well.

When felling trees in confined areas where straight fells are impossible, trees are felled by section using climbing techniques or aeriel lifts.

Wood can be lowered down to ground level to avoid damage to the area below and the remaining portion of the tree.

Chubb Tree Care : Site Clearance

Site Clearance is the complete removal or all trees and ground cover, including stump cutting, to enable the area to be re-used as a building plot or landscaped with out any evidence of the previous use.

Chubb Tree Care : Tree Monitoring

Chubb Tree Care will carry out routine inspections of trees that could be considered dangerous, this will primarily be trees that have a significant lean that if the tree should fall, could cause damage to surrounding structures or pose a risk to persons.

We have specialist equipment to determine the movement of the tree and assess whether action should be taken. Sometime remedial action can be taken to remedy the cause of the lean and therfore stabilise the tree, preventing further movement and possible removal.

Chubb Tree Care : Woodchip Sales

Woodchips are a bi-product produced from the chipping of tree branches and stems.

We call this forest mulch which is ideal for weed suppression, retention of water in soil and generally aids plant growth when spread over root areas of trees and shrubs.

We supply forest mulch all year round to households and commercial premises, please call us for latest prices.

Chubb Tree Care : Tree Preservation Order

Many trees are protected under a Tree Preservation Order (TPO) or are in Conservations Areas, we can liase with the necessary authorities to gain permission to carry out necessary maintenance and preservation work as required.

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